On Friday, December 31, 2021, the Fairview Heights Police and the St Clair Square Public Safety Department were notified of a COVID testing sight on the Mall property that was not a state-supported IDPH testing location.  The people operating the testing sight were reported to be asking for social security numbers and passport ID numbers.  By the time police arrived, the people had packed up and left the parking lot.

Today, officers and mall management were advised the pop-up testing sight was being set up again on the mall parking lot.  Officers were able to respond and identify those who were trying to conduct the testing.  They claimed they were working for a non-profit organization out of California.  However, St. Clair Square management never gave them permission to operate the testing site on their property.  The workers were banned from the property and will not be able to conduct tests in the City of Fairview Heights.

Police urge anyone who provided this organization with personal information to monitor their credit reports for fraudulent activity and to make a police report if any accounts are opened without their consent.

The State of Illinois Community-based testing sites are listed on the IDPH website and are approved for testing, with no appointment required, https://dph.illinois.gov/covid19/testing.html. 

Fairview Heights Police Department