Not For Ourselves, But For All.

Not For Ourselves, But For All.

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Our job is to proactively keep you, your property and our community safe.

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The Fairview Heights Police Department offers many programs throughout the year for citizens of all ages.

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Want to help solve a crime? Use the form (anonymously, if you choose) and let us know what information you have. You can help prevent and solve crime in our community. You can also submit a tip through the St. Louis Regional Crimestoppers by clicking here.

Stop The Bleed

Stop the Bleed was added to our free classes for citizens in 2018. The initiative was created by the American College of Surgeons to teach bleeding control. The theory is to teach non-medical personnel how to properly pack wounds and use tourniquets in case of an active shooter or other mass casualty event. We currently have two instructors, Officer Jon Friederich and Officer Alicia Compton, who provide the proper techniques to save lives during this two hour course. The classes are held at various times throughout the year and all participants are given a free tourniquet to take home.

R.A.D. (Women’s Self Defense)

R.A.D., short for Rape Aggression Defense System is a free class offered to all women over the age of 14. The four-week training focuses on education and awareness and empowers women to say NO, defend themselves, and prepare for “real world” encounters. This internationally recognized program has a lifetime return and practice policy. Three instructors, Officer Alicia Compton, Officer Tony Flinn and Executive Assistant Amber Hopkins have taught over 90 women how to defend themselves in the short time this program has been offered. Classes are held several times a year.


There are so many of us out here who love, appreciate, and honor you.  Thank you for your dedicated service and everything you do to keep us all safe each day! (My special thanks and prayers for your families also.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Sincerely, G. Kelly

July 2021

I wish to see Officer S. Alvarez and Sgt. J. Mason commended highly for what they did for us today. We are from out of town and our special-needs son decided to leave us when we were at the antique mall, we are not from here and knew that finding him quickly would be imperative as he would just keep wandering. #1 we must say the quickness of the response to our call was unprecedented and we were incredibly impressed. #2 additionally shocked, dismayed and relieved at how quickly they found him and that Sgt Mason knew sign language, which helped immensely keeping our son at bay until we arrived. 21 years with the FBI & I’m going to tell you that your department is a shining example of law enforcement. THANK YOU all, God Bless you and keep you safe.

Carol F.

August 2022

Police Chief $ Fellow Officers,

On January 16th, some of you responded to my 911 call when my husband had collapsed at home.  I commend and thank you for your rapid response, competence, and professionalism as you entered our home and took over CPR.  The compassion and dignity with which you treated both my husband and me will never be forgotten.  Even though the outcome was not as we wished, I know you did your best and that comforts me in his loss.

I do not know the names nor would I recognize the faces of those who came, but you will forever be part of my memories of that fateful day that changed my life.  Keep up your good work.  I thank God for you and pray regularly for you.

Sharon G.

February, 2023

Dear Friends,

Charles and I would like to thank you for all the love and kindness you all have shown us through the years.  Charles died on March 17, and now the Lord has him in his loving arms.  When I called for an ambulance when necessary, he would always watch the door.  When he saw the wonderful police person come in the house, he knew everything was going to be okay.  Our love and good wishes go out to all of you and may God bestow his riches blessing on the men and women of the police department.

Our love, Charles & Lynda McIntosh

August 2021

I just needed you all to know how much you are appreciated by your community. I don’t live here but I do work here and you are all an amazing team!!! You always check in on the businesses around town and any time that I have had to call you for anything you are quick to respond even when I inform dispatch that it is non emergent. So from the bottom on my heart and I am sure the hearts of many I want to say thank you for everything you do to keep the peace! Much love and RESPECT to each and every single one of you! me.

Melissa B.

July 2020



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