The Fairview Heights Police Department is committed to being transparent with our community on all aspects of our profession and crime in our community. Several years ago, Chief Johnson traveled to the White House to speak to the President’s Panel about 21st Century Policing. The White House spoke about the only time they ever hear from police departments are when they use deadly force and the panel asked, “Why don’t you advertise and celebrate the good you do, the times you are able to de-escalate without deadly force, the wins when no one gets hurt and also be more transparent on times when force is legally necessary? This enables a community to better understand the difficulty in policing in the 21st Century.”

We created a section of our web site called the Police Transparency Hub. Monthly information will be posted about crime stats, arrests, traffic stops, response to resistance and much more. Our 2023 Annual Report was also just posted right above it. Response to Resistance is listed even when a Taser or firearm is pointed at a person but not fired. Even slight resistance by a suspect being handcuffed is listed. A summary of every incident is listed. We pride ourselves on professional de-escalation techniques.

Out of all of our calls for service and arrests we encounter resistance less than .002% of the time. That is because we hire and train great Officers who take pride in their professionalism.

Please take a moment and check it out.
– – Chief Steve Johnson then click on INSIDE FHPD then MONTHLY CRIME STATS

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