On Friday, 06/09/2023, just before 8:00 PM, the officers from the Fairview Heights Police Department responded to a traffic crash involving a vehicle and a bicycle in the area of Lincoln Trail near Sheryl Lane.

When officers arrived, they observed a heavily damaged bicycle and the bicyclist, an 81-year-old Fairview Heights man, lying in the roadway.  Officers determined the motorist was traveling directly behind the bicyclist in a traffic lane.  The motorist attempted to pass the bike but struck the rear tire of the bicycle, which caused the rider to fall off onto the pavement.  EMS transported the victim from the scene to an area hospital; he was discharged a few days later.

The motorist was found at fault and issued a citation for causing the crash.  Police want to remind you that bicyclists are allowed the same access to city roadways as motor-driven vehicles.  Caution should be used when following or passing a person on a pedal bicycle to avoid a collision.

Fairview Heights Police Department