On 03/25/24, at about 4:00 pm Fairview Heights Police Officer Wulf responded to Monticello Place, reference a Well Being Check. The caller advised he was in Alabama and had not been able to contact his father since last Thursday.

Officer Wulf arrived and activated his Body Worn Camera and attempted to make contact with the 83-year-old male. He checked the perimeter and observed nothing suspicious. He made numerous attempts to contact the male by knocking on all doors and windows, with no success. At the rear of the residence, he observed a window located on the northwest side, which had an air conditioning unit below it. Ofc. Wulf climbed onto the unit and yelled for anyone and suddenly heard a very faint moaning sound.

Every time Ofc. Wulf yelled he would hear a faint moaning sound. Ofc. Wulf then observed a single hand on the floor, near the base of the bed. Ofc. Wulf asked him to move his fingers if he could hear and he did. EMS was notified.

Due to the exigent circumstances the officer broke the glass to make entry and speak to the male. Medstar EMS arrived on scene and they gained entrance to the residence.

The male had a stroke and had laid on the ground for five days. EMS transported him to the hospital. Officers secured the residence.

Fairview Heights Police Department