On Monday, March 18th 2024, the Fairview Heights Police began taking numerous reports of fraudulent bank activity with customers of Scott Credit Union (SCU). Victims were reporting cash withdrawals from the Fairview Heights SCU ATM at 555 Lincoln Hwy, Fairview Heights, IL. The withdrawals were made on March 16th and March 17th.

At the time of this release, the FHPD has taken 12 reports with similar circumstances. As it is early in the investigation, the exact means that were used to compromise the debit cards is unclear.

Typically, in these types of cases a “skimming device” is used to collect card information and in some cases take photos of the pin number. A skimming device electronically captures card data and either stores it on the device or transmits it to a nearby computer. Skimming devices are commonly placed inside of ATM machines or gas pumps. Criminals then imprint the stolen data onto other cards with a magnetic strip.

The FHPD encourages citizens to be diligent when using credit/debit cards. Many of these skimming devices are concealed well and would be difficult to spot. If you notice the seal broken on a gas pump or any evidence of tampering on a gas pump or atm do not put your card inside the reader. Many times, these devices are not found until victims of the fraud make reports and a common location can be identified that was used by multiple victims. Citizens should check their bank statements frequently and report any suspicious circumstances.

Fairview Heights Police Department